Meet the KBSO Team

Kelley Bieghler and Seun Odukomaiya founded KBSO Consulting LLC on October 30, 2015 with a vision to offer mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering design services with an uncommonly engaged and collaborative spirit. Our combined 35 plus years of experience and leadership in sustainable institutional design has culminated in a diverse portfolio of inspiring, healthy and energy efficient built environments.

Kelley and Seun recognized a void in the offerings of health care engineering firms. With a mantra of "We can do better", our goal is to offer a unique brand of service – exceptionally collaborative, continually responsive, unfailingly innovative. We appreciate great architectural spaces, and we look for opportunities to enhance those design efforts as opposed to hinder them, all while ensuring that the engineering responds to your unique priorities and needs.

Sustainability and innovation are our driving motivations. Burdened with the knowledge that commercial and institutional buildings account for more than 40% of the energy used in the United States, we feel a true responsibility to never settle, to seek the next best solution, to make smart recommendations that meet your specific budget and project needs. We recognize that innovation is disruptive, and that sometimes it’s the more difficult road that takes you to the desired destination. The systems that we design are some of the biggest investments that you’ll make as a building owner. They must work well. They must be energy efficient. They must be easily maintained, and not least, they must complement the building architecture. We stand ready for the challenge!

Kelley Bieghler

Managing Partner 317-344-8046

Kelley is closing in on 30 years of experience in project and team leadership. She is devoted to building relationships and creating highly collaborative and effective teams. She is known for pushing the envelope to reach the best engineered solution. Her experience ranges from leading the national engineering effort for a reimagined and sustainable HVAC system for Mainstreet to designing the first Indiana chilled beam health center for Eskenazi Health.


Seun Odukomaiya, PE

Managing Partner 317-344-8045

Seun is known throughout our industry as a leader in energy modeling, and has often been called upon by other MEP engineers to perform energy modeling services. His passion for sustainable systems is demonstrated by his designs on various healthcare projects including the Eskenazi Hospital patient tower and the Cummins Wellness Center.